Not your average Monday


Yesterday I started a new course in school and had two long lectures. My plan for the afternoon was to exercise, grocery shop and probably take a power nap because I was feeling exhausted.

Those plans suddenly changed when I bumped into a classmate on my way home who spontaneously offered to show me this beautiful area not far from where I live. We popped into the grocery store and got a little afternoon snack and something to drink and then headed off on our walk.

He took me to this area where there’s a little farm with goats, pigs, and horses! Ironically, I was just thinking the past weekend about how I haven’t touched a horse (or been horseback riding) in so many years, and how much I miss it (it was my LIFE growing up). It made my day that I got to pet a horse, and to know there’s three of them a short walk from where I live is just fantastic.

We continued our walk and my classmate showed me a great picnic and swimming spot right by the water, and tons of nature and great areas for runs and walks. We sat on the cliffs by the water and ate our snack and then headed back. When I got home I realized we’d been out walking for nearly two hours!

I’m so happy to know of these new areas now, it’s the perfect place to hang out this summer!


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2 responses to “Not your average Monday”

  1. Bailee Blog says :

    Reblogged this on Bailee blog.

  2. winterlust says :

    Isn’t it crazy how you can live in one city for so long yet discover new things just by stepping outside your usual daily routine of life! That horse looks so sweet….not sure if that’s the word to describe a horse but hey that’s the first thing that came to my mind! haha

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