Oh, hey there!


Not doing too good with updating this blog am I? Busy, busy… but here’s what’s been up:

  • I got a new job. Yeah, I know. I hardly even started the job I landed at the café before I was offered a new job that I simply could not say no to. What can  say? I live in the fast lane.
  •  I’ve got three shifts booked at the café though, one of which is tomorrow, and it’s a night shift (the place is rented for a party). Never worked nights before and after accepting the shift I realized I’m going to have to take a taxi home because the subways aren’t running past midnight. Fail. (Crying at the fact that I’ll spend as much as I earn tomorrow evening on the cab ride home).
  • As per usual, working my butt off at school. One more month and then it’s summer break! Not so much summer break for me though, going to be working most of the summer.
  • Seeing this picture (above) makes me want to maybe color my hair (the instagram filter makes my hair look brighter/red-ish). Either way I desperately need a hair cut, I’m thinking bangs?
  • Last wednesday was my last workout with my personal trainer. It was a sad day, but I’m determined to hire a personal trainer again (as soon as I graduate and become a millionaire get a good job).
  • My old co-worker T (who’s moved to a town in northern Sweden) was here last Thursday and we caught up over a cup of coffee while the rain literally poured down outside, not a bad day if you ask me.
  • I went to my sister’s fashion show last weekend, she’s in design school and her class redesigned clothing items from a second hand shop. As she walked out with her model at the end of the show I was completely overcome with emotions and got all teary eyed. What is wrong with me!?

A whole ‘lotta other stuff’s been up too, but ’nuff ramling. I gotta go study.


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One response to “Oh, hey there!”

  1. winterlust says :

    You looked good with bangs! Do they annoy you in the summer time though? I tend to get mine in the winter time!

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