Pulling out the crafty in me


I pulled out all my boxes full of crafting material this evening to wrap a gift for my mom. It was her birthday yesterday and tomorrow my brother, sister and I are all heading over to mom’s place to celebrate her with dinner, dessert and gifts.

My mom is a very caring and humble person, she always puts others first and rarely (if ever) gets anything for herself. She specifically said she wanted no gifts for her birthday (she even threateningly added “I mean it guys!”). She’s moving soon and out of convenience doesn’t want any extra things to have to pack up and haul in the move. Fair enough, but I couldn’t resist getting her a little gift when I spotted something I know she loves today.  And besides, it’s mothers day on Sunday (in Sweden), and I don’t recall her saying no gifts for mothers day.


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One response to “Pulling out the crafty in me”

  1. winterlust says :

    No mother can say no to a Mothers Day gift!

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