Just keep swimming…

As I left school today two classmates of mine both said “Have a great weekend, don’t stress too much!” Oh, I’m too ambitious for my own good sometimes. I was given the advice to drink coffee, wear slippers and eat candy while I study for my exam this weekend, “make it fun”, they said. I’ll do my best.

One more week to go (this is when I start repeating the mantra “Just keep swimming…” in my head), and then I’m done for the semester, bliss! Studying isn’t the only thing I’m doing though, Saturday I’m working the night shift again, Sunday I need to catch up on sleep, and I’ve got plans in the evening. That leaves me very few days hours to study for my final exam for this semester, and you wonder why I feel stressed? (P.S Why am I blogging right now?!)

For those of you who are worried about my ability to cope with the coming days, I can assure you I will be fine (albeit a little disheveled once it’s over). I secretly (okay, it’s obvious) enjoy studying and learning new things, and being an organized freak is just the way I am. Hay, we’re all a little cray cray.

Above photo: Some eye candy to lighten up the gray day we’re experiencing in Stockholm today. By the way, have you seen BBC’s Bird Song with Clémence Poésy and Eddie Redmayne? It’s a lovely romantic movie in two parts. 


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One response to “Just keep swimming…”

  1. winterlust says :

    All the best to you T! Seems we both finish around the same time, my last exam is Thursday 7th June & then I’m free for 5 weeks.

    My advice is not to make ANY plans the week of exams/end of semester because it will only stress you out/stretch you.

    GOOD LUCK!!! Speak to you at the end of it all!

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