Drama during the graveyard shift


Above, a grainy cell phone shot I snuck of the dessert last night (a raspberry panacotta).

Around 6pm last night I headed off to work the graveyard shift (all the more reason why I should have been more study efficient during the day). We experienced some drama during the night because of the storm that’s been having its way with Stockholm the past two days. A tree fell in the road and literally locked us in the cottage where we were serving a group of 39 people for a 50 year birthday party. We called the police and they sent the fire department who spent about 45 minutes chainsawing us free.

At the end of the night I called four taxi companies to try to get a cab home, but finding a taxi in this weather is like digging for a needle in a haystack. And, when I finally managed to book a taxi, it never showed up (#FML). I ran around in the rain and cold chasing every taxi that passed by (there were tons, but they were all occupied). Realizing this was getting me nowhere, I worked out a plan b and found a bus and then a subway that was still running that late at night early in the morning.

It didn’t go smoothly, of course. The subway was delayed by over 15 minutes, but the worst part was having to ride home with a bus and subway loaded with drunk people. I was high strung keeping my eyes out for people about to puke (thankfully, I was able to avoid such a scene), and trying to avoid that creepy guy that felt standing broad legged, arms crossed and eyes fixed sternly on me was a completely natural and appropriate activity while waiting for the subway to take it’s good old time arriving.

I (finally) got home at 4am, rolled into bed and have, as I write this, got about 3 hours of shut eye to make me through this day.

Right, time to get some studying done. Any bets on how productive I’ll be today?


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4 responses to “Drama during the graveyard shift”

  1. winterlust says :

    Get more sleep and then study! Because a tired brain is a useless brain x

    • Tina says :

      I would, but I couldn’t sleep past 7am because it’s so bright out. It was getting bright before I even left work and by the time I got home it was almost daylight out. My shades don’t keep the light out at all so it’s like trying to sleep in a lit up stadium. :/

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