The hair and the bangs

Today was the day! I finally got my hair cut, and what a wonderful, glorious, smooth feeling it is. I got bangs again, we’ll see if I regret this in a couple of days as I struggle to get them out of my face during my workout.

In case you were wondering, my hair isn’t actually this straight (it’s naturally wavy). This, my dears, is the result of a stylist and a hair straightener. It’s hanging like a freshly ironed set of curtains right now, if only I could create such magic myself.

You diggin’ the bangs?


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8 responses to “The hair and the bangs”

  1. winterlust says :

    Oh I loveeeee it all! The hairdresser did a good job in cutting it perfectly to suit your face! x

  2. Sara says :

    You look absolutely gorgeous.

  3. lesliemgray says :

    i recently went with bangs… i’m diggin’ them so far. got a lot of compliments and i like your bangs A LOT! they really look good. 🙂

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