Sara Bareilles – Breathe Again

Sara Bareilles – Breathe again

I came across Breathe again by Sara Bareilles the other day, and fell in love (how have I not heard it before?). Being the hopeless romantic that I am I can’t help hitting repeat.

I miss my piano so much, I wish I had the space for it in my small student apartment. Sometimes I’m overcome with this unbelievable urge to play and then I miss it even more (it’s currently at my mom’s apartment, until I’m done studying and have a bigger flat with the space for it). To sit and let my fingers roll over the keys can be rather soothing… I can sit for hours without even noticing the time pass me by.


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2 responses to “Sara Bareilles – Breathe Again”

  1. winterlust says :

    That is so beautiful!

    It’s you & your piano and me & my sewing machine.

    I hope we both find the time to enjoy the little things in life!

    At least you can go home to your mom’s to play it over the summer right?

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