GA.MA CP1 Ceramic straight iron

I ordered a new hair straightener by GA.MA when I got my hair cut (my old one was a nightmare, to put it mildly). Considering my old straight iron, anything would have been an improvement from that so I don’t know if my review of the GA.MA is justifiable.

Nevertheless, I give the GA.MA CP1 Ceramic two thumbs up. It heats up in a heartbeat, and smoothes out my tresses. Simply put: it gets the job done. I also got a free heat protection from GA.MA with my purchase, which smells like sweet heavens. Even my friends think so, when Malin hugged me the other day she exclaimed: “Wow, you smell good! Are you using a new shampoo?” That’s what I call having a positive effect on people.


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5 responses to “GA.MA CP1 Ceramic straight iron”

  1. marstanoncevenus says :

    Sure hair is the most important one on having a first impression thing..

  2. Shanell Simeona says :

    I seen the latest hair styler that has plates that detach it looks very interesting at

  3. winterlust says :

    I haven’t heard of that brand before, I wonder if we have it in Australia?

    Did you ever use the GHD?

    • Tina says :

      I’ve been tempted to get a GHD straightener, but they’re so expensive! I know they’re said to be good though. No idea if GA.MA is available in Australia, it’s an italian brand.

      • winterlust says :

        Oh that’s crazy because the GHD is only $40 more than the GA.MA for me. There was a trade in when I was still in NZ where if you bought in a working straightener, you got $100 or so off your GHD….5 & a half years later, mine is still going strong! & judging by all the other newer GHD’s I’ve tried, mine works better! So not looking forward to getting a new one.

        There’s this new brand called Cloud Nine, I know a lot of hairdressers already using them, have you heard of them?

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