Dancing in the rain, and the good in every day

A quote that suits this day (photo via pinterest)

The weather in Sweden this “summer” isn’t exactly what I would call a mood enhancer. It’s been raining cats and dogs again all day (I can count the number of sunny, yet cold, days we’ve had on less than one hand).

Here’s another quote I like: Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. 

With regards to the above words, here are two things about today that were good:

1. After spending most of the day sulking inside, feeling like a completely unmotivated tard (not to mention bored out of my mind), I threw on my gym clothes and swam ran over to the gym. It’s amazing what a bit of sweat can do. I had to suppress my desire to dance my way home in the rain after my workout.

2. I had a nice talk with my cousin over Skype early this morning while sipping my cup of coffee. It was completely random that I caught her online because it was the middle of the night for her. We talked for over an hour and being the sweetheart that she is, she showered me with compliments and pep talk. I love her.

What puts you in a good mood?


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One response to “Dancing in the rain, and the good in every day”

  1. winterlust says :

    My friend actually has that tattooed on her back,seems lengthy but looks good.

    It’s definitely a long walk & some conversations with friends for me. There’s just something about fresh air that makes everything better for me!

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