Penning my thoughts in journals

Journals by Weston

I’ve kind of got a thing for journals. I love slipping my journal in my handbag and going to one of my favorite cafés for a coffee and some quality time spent writing. I try to place myself in a spot at the café where I can people watch, or stare out the window, pausing every so often from my writing to consider how I want to form my sentences.

I have a sky scraping pile of journals full of words, and each time I’m faced with the task of finding a new journal it’s a bit of a challenge. It’s a little bit like finding that perfect pair of shoes to fit an outfit, it’s got to feel right. I came across these gorgeous notebooks by Weston the other day and nearly choked on my coffee – I love them! I’m nearing the last pages of my current journal, so maybe it’s meant to be? Perhaps I’ll get one as an early birthday present for myself.


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4 responses to “Penning my thoughts in journals”

  1. winterlust says :

    Oh my that purple one is amazing! I don’t know how much they work out for you but converting the pound into the Australian dollar, it turns out to be VERY expensive for me.

    That cover looks like something you could make! All you need is a thick notebook with a hard copy and find some pretty paper or even fabric from a craft shop? x

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