It’s kind of hard not to talk about the rain

Rain, rain, pouring rain

I know the weather is a boring subject to talk about, but the way the weather has been in Sweden this summer, it’s hard not to talk about it. I’m honestly rather shocked at how it’s been, and I wonder if mother earth is trying to tell us something. The amount of rain we’ve had pouring down over us all summer is absolutely mind blowing, I don’t know how all that rain can keep squeezing out of the clouds.

I snapped the photo above on Wednesday. The weather was ok in the early morning, I went out for a walk, made a run to the gym, got home and changed to go to work, and boom! All of a sudden the skies opened and it poured down. It was literally coming down like a wall. Meanwhile there was thunder and lightning, and then came the hail. The same thing had happened the day before. I had to run through the rain to catch my train and ended up arriving to work drenched through, classy.

I know it’s not only Sweden that’s been having crazy storms this summer, what’s the weather been like where you are? 


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One response to “It’s kind of hard not to talk about the rain”

  1. winterlust says :

    That picture is absolutely mental! Even though it’s winter here, I’ve been scrapping ice off my car every morning, which is completely unheard of for Perth!

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