Party at work!

Strawberry birthday cake at work

Pauline snapped a photo, she’s a real Instagrammer, always whipping out her phone to savior the moment.

Champagne present

My little gift to the birthday girl

It was Johanna’s birthday yesterday, so we gave her a little celebration at work. Pauline and I had planned it all week, I’d buy champagne and Pauline would get flowers. We were going to bake her a cake too, but then Pauline reminded the boss of Johanna’s birthday, and she said she would get a cake.

I had a lovely time chatting and laughing with the girls over coffee and strawberry cake during a quick birthday break in the middle of work yesterday.


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2 responses to “Party at work!”

  1. winterlust says :

    Yum! All the food in the first picture looks so good!

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