Home made almond butter and gluten free bread

Home made almond butter and gluten free Paleo bread

Home made gluten free bread and almond butter.

Who’s happy it’s the weekend so she’s finally got the time to play with her new kitchen tool? This girl!

I got a food processor as an early birthday present from my mom this week, and I finally had the time to give it a test run this weekend. First up, I made some gluten free bread that came out above and beyond my expectations, so good. Of course, you can’t have delicious bread without a nice home made nut butter to spread on it, so I made almond butter flavored with cinnamon and pure organic vanilla powder.

Sliced, toasted, and spread with a bit of my home made almond butter, it was thebomb.com. I can tell my food processor and I are going to be very good friends.


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2 responses to “Home made almond butter and gluten free bread”

  1. winterlust says :

    Oh wow that looks amazing! I just found out there’s a gluten free bakery near my work so looks like I’ll be making a trip there this week!

    • Tina says :

      That’s awesome! Do some research and see if you can find some good organic/gluten free/raw food cafés, restaurants and bakeries to try.

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