Twirling around in heels again

Trying on Givenchy heels

This past week, I only had Friday scheduled for work. After whining to myself about it and thinking I should have just taken the entire week off, I had a bit of an epiphany on Friday morning – working on a Friday allows me to appreciate the weekend that much more. Always look on the bright side of life, right?

I was busy all day at work, which included trying on some of the new arrivals. The girls and I were pretty excited about the new styles from Givenchy. I tried on these t-bar sandals, it’s hard to tell in the photo but they’ve got a thin gold pin down the front. Very sexy or what!? Impossibly high though, but they’d do for a dinner date.


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2 responses to “Twirling around in heels again”

  1. Catherine says :

    Dear Tina,
    Love the picture!
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog. You always have a great sense of humor!
    Take care!
    Catherine xo

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