The small things in life


Through hard word, determination, and a lot of running around town to meet sellers, I’ve managed to get all of my course literature for my Fall semester second hand. I even talked two of the sellers into lowering their asking price.

I’m surprised I was so successful in getting my books second hand, because I had no such luck during my previous two semesters. And let me tell you, buying the books at full price is expensive.

A quick bit of math shows I’ve made a savings of 550 kr (that’s US$82 / €67 / A$78), those are some pretty comforting numbers. Not to mention, I got the books right away and will be spared the anxiety of tardy shipping (which pained me last year).

It’s always the small things in life that make a difference.


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One response to “The small things in life”

  1. winterlust says :

    Go you! That’s an awesome saving!

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