A photo shoot, and a new friend!

For several months now I’ve been following Lydia’s blog and Twitter, and we’ve been talking on Twitter about meeting up. Among her many other skills, Lydia happens to be a very talented photographer (check her Flikr here), so when she suggested we meet and do a photo shoot, I got pretty excited. Come on, who doesn’t want stunning professional photos of themselves? You know, to show the grandchildren one day.

We met up yesterday afternoon and wandered around on cobblestone streets and back alleys in the city to snap photos. Since the photos were taken with a film camera (Hasselblad 50CM), it’ll be a while until I can show you the end result, the photos need to be developed first. However, here’s a sneak peek that Lydia snapped with her iPhone of one of the shots.

Photo by Lydia Winters

Photo by Lydia Winters

I’m ridiculously excited to see how the photos turn out!

After our photo shoot Lydia and I both had our mind set on the same thing – gelato! We headed to StikkiNikki and plopped ourselves down with a mountain of delicious gelato and chatted for a good hour about all matter of things.

Gelato at StikkiNikki

Gelato at StikkiNikki

Internet and technology is such an amazing thing, especially when it brings you new friends, and allows you to keep in touch with other friends that are spread out across the world. I had such a fantastic day hanging out with Lydia, I’m so happy to have her as my new friend, and I can’t wait to hang out more.

Tina and Lydia

Me and my new friend Lydia!


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4 responses to “A photo shoot, and a new friend!”

  1. winterlust says :

    That is such a gorgeous photo of you T! Can’t wait to see more x

  2. alex says :

    Så himla FIN!!!!!!!! Åh, saknar dig så mkt. Hoppas kunna komma ner snart. Stor kram!

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