The perfect little black dress

Black cutout dress

I ordered this dress sometime in the beginning of the summer, and I finally got the chance to wear it when I went out for dinner with my mom and sister recently. And then Lydia and I both agreed that it would be the perfect dress for our little photo shoot in greyscale last weekend. I intend to give it another spin tomorrow evening when I go out to dinner with my friend Jenny, it’s proving to be that perfect “little black dress”.

P.S I’ve seen a sneak peek of the photo shoot Lydia and I did. I died. Yes, yes, promise to show you as soon as I can. The photos aren’t scanned yet. Must. have. patience.


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3 responses to “The perfect little black dress”

  1. jaja says :

    i love the dress and i live the fringe! 🙂

  2. winterlust says :

    So in love with that dress and your hair and you!! so gorgeous T x

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