DIY Owl Notebook

Remember that owl birthday card I got from Jenny? It was so cute I wanted to use it somehow, and when I picked up a new five subject notebook for Uni the other day, I knew that card would come in handy. With the rain pouring down outside yet again today, I devoted some time to my little DIY idea.

DIY Notebook craft

Here’s what I used: a notebook, a pretty card, self adhesive plastic wrap, glue, and craft paper.

DIY Notebook craft

I started by carefully cutting out all the owls and small golden leaves from the card.

DIY Notebook craft

Then I chose some pretty craft paper and assembled it with the owls and golden leaves on the cover before gluing everything in place.

DIY Notebook craft

Once everything was glued on to the cover, I cut an appropriate sized sheet of self adhesive plastic wrap and carefully fastened it to the cover. I usually use a ruler to avoid any air bubbles getting in under the plastic wrap.

DIY Notebook craft

Finally, I added a tag to the first page of the notebook so I can mark it with my name and number.

DIY Notebook craft

And done! This cover sure beats that original blue cover.


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8 responses to “DIY Owl Notebook”

  1. winterlust says :

    Oh I love it! I’ve been looking for clear plastic wrap for AGES (I wanna wrap my books that I read in it) but can’t find it anywhere! This post has made me more motivated to find it though!

  2. kelli says :

    So cute! I love notebooks, have tons of them. I wish I was creative and crafty like you to make mine as cute!

  3. skatergirl101 says :

    Reblogged this on skatergirl101 and commented:
    i think this is GREAT!!
    im totally doing it 😀

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