Foodie Pen Pals August 2012

When I travel, I always like to check out the local grocery stores. I love browsing the isles to see what’s typical for whatever country I’m in. Being a bit of a health nut, I especially like checking out health food stores – just ask my cousins in the US, my first order of business when I get to the US is always to go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!

Foodie Pen Pals

Foodie Pen Pals package from Amy

Last month I saw a couple of mentions on Twitter and Instagram about something called Foodie Pen Pals. Intrigued, I decided to try it this month for fun. In short, Foodie Pen Pals (or FPP) is a way for food and health bloggers to get to know each other and swap recipes, products, and ideas. Each month Carol over at Rock Salt pairs all the Foodie Pen Pals. You’re paired with two different people, one person sends you a package, and the other is who you’ll be sending your FPP package to. That way you get to know two new people, it’s not just a swap back and fourth.

Foodie Pen Pals parcel for Jessi

My Foodie Pen Pals package for Jessi

You start out by getting in touch with your FPP to get an idea of what they would like you to send them. I sent my FPP package to Jessi in Belgium (check out her blog to see what she thought). And in turn, I was paired with Amy from the UK who sent me a parcel. I was super excited when the package arrived! The box was wrapped in the British flag, and in her card, Amy writes that she wanted to include things that are traditional to England, so she’d gone with a British theme – cute!

Foodie Pen Pals

The first thing I noticed was a delicious smell of coffee. And then little coffee grinds trickled out from the box, uh oh..!

Foodie Pen Pals

The postmen had not been very kind with the package, it was pretty badly beaten when I picked it up. Unfortunately, the Pumpkin Pie coffee Amy had made for me had spilled out and the coffee grinds had dusted all the contents of the box. Good thing Amy was nice enough to include the recipe for her spice mix so I can make it myself.

I carefully unpacked my FPP parcel, and found all kinds of fun stuff inside.

Foodie Pen Pals

Here we go:

1. A beautiful hand made card by Amy describing the contents of the box and her idea behind it all.
2. A cute little bag that held a couple of Amy’s favorite tea bags.
3. A recipe for Cheese & Sunflower Seed Crackers.
4. (Spilled) Pumpkin Spice coffee, and recipe for the spice mix.
5. Oaty bakes (little crackers in various flavors).
6. Chili and vanilla flavored “munchy” seeds.
7. Chili paste.
8. Organic dark chocolate.
9. Rawfood “nakd” bar, ginger bread flavor.
10. Cupcake forms with the British flag.
11. Sunflower seeds.
12. A little gift box of two little sheep figures and orange marmelade.

Wow, what a box of goodies! I’m already making up plans on how to use all the stuff. But first things first…


Of course I couldn’t resist making a cup of coffee and having the dark chocolate.

Thank you Amy! xx

For more information on Foodie Pen Pals, head over to Rock Salt and read about it here if you live in Europe. For US or Canadan readers, check out the American/Canadian version of Foodie Pen Pals at The Lean Green Bean (which is where Foodie Pen Pals originated).


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8 responses to “Foodie Pen Pals August 2012”

  1. Allie says :

    That looks like a great package, I love the theme! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I loved doing Foodie Pen Pals in the US this month!

  2. Ann says :

    Enjoyed seeing what a box from another country is like! It’s fun to see products that we don’t have here in Minnesota. (Visiting from Foodie Penpals.)

  3. Jessi says :

    I do the same thing. Whenever I’m somewhere new I love to check out the supermarket =p

  4. Kat @ Eating The Week says :

    I love all the British-flag touches in your box! Maybe I can cajole Lindsay into pairing me with an overseas pal for one of these months.

  5. missmundinger says :

    great box. i also had a british theme to my box and made mine german in return. seems like amy has a particular creative streak. i must say!!

  6. kelli says :

    Wow, what a great treat to receive! I have signed up for the US version– I wish that I could have an overseas pal though!

  7. jessielovestorun says :

    What a cool box!! Enjoy all those goodies ❤

  8. Carol Anne @ Rock Salt says :

    Great parcel – I love the theme! Must have been exciting to see this parcel arrive, bedecked in the Union Jack 🙂

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