Let’s try to focus

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Uni started again on Monday and it’s full steam ahead. This first course of the semester is in filmmaking, and I’ve got a paper to write and a big group project in several parts.

I remember this time last year, I’d just started my first year at University. Everything was new, I had no idea what to expect – let alone how to find my way to class – but I loved the challenge. I dove right into my school work, spent hours in the library working my butt off on my papers and reading my course literature. I’d spend the weekends or my afternoons studying at my favorite café nearby where I lived at the time. Now that I’ve moved (and spent the beginning of the summer working at said café), I need to find a new cosy café to study at.

I kind of thought I would have that same feeling about starting school this year. That I’d be excited and enjoy the challenge of studying, but I haven’t felt that. Not yet anyway, I still have hope. I’ve been in a general funk for the past two weeks or so, and it doesn’t seem to want to end. I think I just want to be in another place right now, so the thought of having two more years of Uni before I can be free is causing my motivation to slack a bit.

What do you do when you’re in a funk and need to snap out of it?


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2 responses to “Let’s try to focus”

  1. Jessi says :

    I try to find a new challenge, a goal, or something to work towards. And if all else fails I go for a nice long run, walk, or zumba session to clear my head and get the serotonin flowing. Hope your funk is short-lived!

  2. Lydia Winters says :

    I get into these two. It’s a vicious cycle too because I feel as though I am in a funk AND then I feel BAD for being in a funk which in turn makes the funk worse. I usually try to go for walks, do something I enjoy, call a friend, and overall try to get myself out of the self-pity stage – which is much easier said then done.

    I’m sure you will soon be back to your on top of it ways and this will be a thing of the past.

    Also you only have until the 16th to be in your funk because then I’ll be back and will have to snap you out of it so we can have fun!

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