Touring Stockholm with my cousin

Stockholm view

My cousin Stephen arrived from the US on Tuesday. With my busy schedule in school, yesterday was the first chance I had to hang out with him (he’s staying at my mom’s).  I knew he’d already been touring the town on his own the past couple of days so I thought we’d just stroll and see what we see. Turns out, there was a lot to see!

Stockholm city street dance artists

The weather was fantastic, so there was lots of people in town and crazy street artists everywhere. These guys were doing two styles of dancing, the one style was called Waka and the other Kuduro.

Johan & Nyström coffee shop Stockholm

We walked and walked all around town and then it was time to refuel with some coffee and “fika”. I steered us to Johan & Nyström, my brother and I both love this place. They’re coffee experts.

Fika at Johan & Nyström: Coffee, latte, and kanelbulle

I made sure Stephen got a traditional Swedish “fika” – a latte and a kanelbulle (cinnamon bun). He said the kanelbulle was the second best thing he’s ever eaten (the best was an apple bun he had in Vermont).

Stockholm DN half marathon

We did some more walking and ended up in the middle of the Stockholm half marathon. We got there right as they were starting and made our way to the start line to see them go.

Stockholm view

Once our legs were tired, we sat by the water for a while before going to dinner. The sun setting over the city was beautiful.

Swedish meatballs, mash potatoes, lingonberries, and gravy.

I’d picked out the perfect place for dinner. I wanted Stephen to have a traditional Swedish meal so we went to Pelikan and had meatballs with lingonberries, mash potatoes, and gravy. Stephen even had a beer from Gotland with his meal.

Despite not having any real plans for the day, I think I did a pretty good job in showing Stephen a good time. He was happy and couldn’t stop talking about what a great day he’d had and how much he loved the food. Now he’s off to camp in the fjords in Norway for a couple of days, next weekend I think I’ll take him to Saturnus to have Stockholms biggest and best kanelbulle.


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