Should I video blog?

Should I video blog?

My film production course at Uni was a lot more fun that I could have ever expected. It’s given me a new found interest in film editing and movie making, which throughout the course has had me considering doing video blogs. I’m tempted, but I’m not really sure I’ve got the guts to do it, haha! And what would I vlog about?

What do you think, should I video blog occasionally?Β 


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15 responses to “Should I video blog?”

  1. kelli says :

    YES! I love everything you blog about so I know your vlogs would be awesome too!

  2. underestimatedmom says :

    I think it’s worth a try! My sister does a vlog once a month and it’s great πŸ™‚ I’d say vlog about whatever interests you – don’t limit yourself to one thing you do it about. Keep it open ended and have fun with it!

  3. winterlust says :

    Would love to see a vlog!

  4. Lydia says :

    If you decide to do it let me know and I can help πŸ™‚ I’ve been doing it quite awhile!

  5. Jessi says :

    Not sure. I know some people like it, but I tend not to watch vlog posts. I love the photo montage though. You’ve got such an expressive face!

  6. velourmamma says :

    Ja! Jag funderar sjΓ€lv pΓ₯ att gΓΆra det men har aldrig kommit till skott.

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