Crank up the music

Urbanears Media headphones

I’ve got two new things in my life which I’m tempted to call life changing.

Last week I finally signed up for Spotify Premium (I have no idea why it has taken me so long) so now I can bring my tunes with me wherever I go, all neatly stored on my phone. Here’s the thing though, listening to music with crap headphones isn’t all that much fun. Therefore a pair of quality plugs from Urbanears was a completely justifiable purchase.

The Medis model clicks into your ear and stays in place, my number one priority when shopping for new headphones was to get ones that stay put in my ears. I had to keep pressing my old junky ones into my ears to keep them from falling out as I rushed about my day.

I was totally jump-dance-running in the pitch black and pouring rain early this morning as I headed to the gym.

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3 responses to “Crank up the music”

  1. winterlust says :

    I just looked at the price of spotify premium….no idea why I didn’t have it before!

    Do you know how much $$ goes to the artist? (from brothers inside info)

    • Tina says :

      Don’t know, but I’ll ask my brother and get back to you. And congrats on getting Spotify Premium! It really is such an awesome thing to have, I’m addicted.

  2. winterlust says :

    P.S just purchased spotify premium too! WOOOOO

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