Thanksgiving dinner

Khom loy after Thanksgiving dinner

Playing the piano at Thanksgiving dinner

It’s been a beautiful weekend in many ways. Just to draw an example, let me tell you about Saturday evening.

We were a big gang (including the awesome miss Lydia!) that headed out to my mom’s place for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate, talked, ate some more, laughed, and hung out. I had a wonderful time and couldn’t help smiling at the comfortable atmosphere, the whole gang sitting (or – post dinner – lying down) on the floor, sofa and on chairs talking.

I was pressured into playing the piano, I flushed red but sat down and played. For about 30 seconds. I get too nervous when people are watching me. It’s funny how I’ve got enormous stage fright when it comes to playing the piano but not with anything else performed in front of an audience…hm.

After hours of good eats and talks we went outside and sent up a couple of Khom Loy into the sky just for fun. I love the above photo I instagrammed of my brother and his girlfriend, they’re so cute together.

We headed out for beers at a pub in town until they closed, and then called it a night. And what a lovely evening and night it was.

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2 responses to “Thanksgiving dinner”

  1. Lydia says :

    It was a completely amazing night. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Not to mention the fact that I loved your mom and all your friends. I felt so welcomed. One of the nicest nights in Sweden. Yay Thanksgiving.

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