The ones you love

Me and my sister

Me and my sister

The above photo is one of my favorite photos of my sister and I. As you know, she moved to NYC in August and I miss her terribly. We talk on the phone as often as possible and exchange text messages and emails but that doesn’t come close to being able to hang out with her. I’m counting the days until she’ll be home for Christmas, I’m so excited to have quality time together to catch up and hang out.

And on that note – nothing compares to the support and love from friends and family when things are rough. The other day I texted my friend B, admitting I’ve been having a tough time lately for various reasons and within minutes she called me. Her words, understanding, and general care and concern made me feel loved and appreciated. She has an amazing ability to put words to my thoughts and understand exactly what I mean and how I feel. She’s the only person I know who successfully manages to nail exactly what I’m feeling every single time, without me even having to say anything. I’m extremely grateful to have such a beautiful friend as B in my life.



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