Happy Friday!

Me by Lydia

Me this past summer. Photo by Lydia Winters

It’s the best day of the week and I’m about to head over to a class mates place for group work (although knowing us there’ll be more girl talk than work done). We’re writing a big paper on Facebook status updates. This past Wednesday evening we had a focus group interview which went very well… so we celebrated with a couple of glasses of wine as a spontaneous after work.

In other news, there’s somewhat of a historical event going down as we speak. Swedish House Mafia are here in their home town this weekend for three concerts. I am beyond bummed that I don’t have tickets! Last night was the first of the three concerts they’re hosting here in Stockholm during their One last tour. The three concerts are all sold out, filling the Friends arena with 35 000 people each night. My Facebook news feed exploded with photos and videos from the concert last night and I expect to see more after tonight and Saturday night. I don’t know why I torture myself by looking at them.

Right, gotta run!

P.S The above photo is from that photo shoot Lydia and I did with her Hasselblad back in August when I first met her. Love it!


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2 responses to “Happy Friday!”

  1. winterlust says :

    Ooh what are you guys writing about status updates?

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