So much for my plans


Christmas market in Old Town Stockholm, Winter 2011

I had plans to do some Christmas shopping and maybe even some strolling around the Christmas markets this weekend to possibly provoke some Christmas spirit in me (I’m strangely enough lacking it this year). But on Friday afternoon, as I was just wrapping up the big essay we’ve been writing in school, there was no doubt I was coming down with something.

Sure enough, any to do’s and plans I had for this weekend had to be put on hold as I spent the entire weekend curled up in a ball in my bed in so much pain I even considered calling an ambulance to come and whisk me away. I don’t know what I’ve been hit with, but it sure feels like and 18 wheeler. I’m still doing really bad and had to cancel group work today and did my best to work from home. Tomorrow is our big presentation of our paper so I have to find a way to get myself to Uni. I don’t see how that is going to be possible in my current state though.

It’s unbelievable how many times I’ve been sick this past fall, and how extremely sick I’ve been each time. I just got over my last flu which ailed me for more than two weeks. Up until this fall, I was sick at the most once a year. This fall I’ve been sick three times! Mom suggests my stress and all the crap I’ve been going through these past couple of months is to blame. I guess she’s got a point there.



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One response to “So much for my plans”

  1. underestimatedmom says :

    Feel better soon!! Stress can weaken your immune system – maybe a little relaxation would help 😉

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