Baby you’re a firework




Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI and craft store glitter

Anyone that knows me will find it very uncharacteristic of me to stay home from Uni no matter how sick I am. But after feeling like I was going to pass out from whatever this cold/flu is that I am suffering from, I made the decision to stay home and rest today. I’m really sad that I was unable to partake in the presentation of the research paper I’ve been writing together with my group mates over the past couple of weeks. It sucks having put so much work into something and then not being there to actually present it and hear the feedback from my class mates and teacher.

So, my day has consisted of nothing more exciting than further basking in the boredom of being sick and resting. To avoid going completely insane from restlessness, I spent a significant amount of time and effort painting my nails. I used Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI followed by a dusting of some regular craft store glitter I had on hand. Nothing like cheering yourself up on a sick day with some fireworks.


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