Holiday decorations and the lack of Christmas spirit

decorations1 decorations2 decorations3 decorations4 gifts

That Christmas spirit I normally experience is still nowhere to be found. I don’t know what it is with me this year but I’m just not feeling it.

Nonetheless, I’ve made an effort to decorate my place. I scattered some ornaments, hung a star in my window, made some glittery winter lanterns, wrapped a couple of presents, and mom even made me an advent calendar (the big Santa standing in my window) with little surprises every day. You’d think that would get me in the mood, but no.

I’m just having a tough time with life in general right now, which is likely what’s to blame for my lack of enthusiasm. We all have tough periods in life, and sometimes feeling or thoughts I’ve been able to keep at bay surface causing me to feel less than stellar. I’m hoping this mood will have passed by the 24th of December, so that I can enjoy time with my sister (who’ll be home from NYC next week!), and the rest of the people I love. Surely a little quality time with the people I hold dear will cheer me up.


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2 responses to “Holiday decorations and the lack of Christmas spirit”

  1. M says :

    Hej Tina!
    Hoppas allt blir bättre snart, att lyckan vänder. Hade jag inte bott så väldigt långt bort hade jag bakat en uggleformad tårta och bjudit dig på det.
    Kanske lite vacker musik kan muntra upp.

    Ta hand om dig:)

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