t’was the night before Christmas…

gnight1 gnight2 gnight3 gnight4

The 23rd of December, commonly referred to as “uppestittarkväll” here in Sweden (an evening for sitting up late with family waiting for Christmas, which is celebrated on the 24th here). Scrap that, sis and I had a girl’s night instead!

I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning like a mad woman. My place sparkled and smelled divine when my sister came over. We got lots of time to catch up and chit chat over dinner and wine and snacks while watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. A movie my sister hadn’t yet seen, and I didn’t exactly mind seeing it again. Two hours of Ryan Gosling? Yes please.

Couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday, night before Christmas, 23rd of December, or “uppesittarkväll”.


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