The words you needed to hear


You know when you’re upset about something, and you vent to someone about it. They tell you things to try to make you feel better. Tell you everything is going to be okay. They try to explain to you that things probably aren’t what you think. They try to give you hope and cheer you up. That’s lovely. But I’ve found that this kind of a reaction to my venting often frustrates me. And I think I figured out why that is.

My sister gets it. I emailed her the other day, going off on a vent about things that have been frustrating and putting me down lately. Her reply was exactly what I needed to hear. She didn’t try to smooth things over to make me feel better. She told it like it is. And it wasn’t that she wrote anything I hadn’t already been telling myself. What made all the difference was just that, that it was coming from someone other than me.

We can give ourselves the best of advice, but I often find that it’s hard to fully take those words of wisdom unless it’s coming from someone else. Someone who’s not right in the middle of it all. A bystander who has a completely different view of my situation. Someone who’s not affected by the thoughts going on in my head.

The best thing that happened today was that email I received from her. I’m going to go and read it again now.

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