Oh, hi there.


I’m finally, almost, just about, done with my third semester at Uni. We handed in our project today, and I handed in my individual report as well. I’m so relieved to have that out of the way, but I nearly peed my pants as I clicked the submit button. I’m always a little bit on edge about handing my work in, I have a tendency to feel like it’s not good enough. So I hold my breath until I get my grade (which means I hold my breath for a really long time sometimes).

In procrastinating school work the past week, I’ve curled my hair. Yeah, don’t ask. I have no idea. I also cleaned, and then made a mess again when B and S came over last weekend for dinner (when I totally should have been studying instead). Hangover from hell on Sunday which = me no study mucho. But, you know what they say. YOLO.

Tomorrow I’m meeting my group to prep the presentation of a lifetime (or something like that) and to sort out some constructive criticism for our fellow students. Friday is presentation time. Also, I seem to have tripple booked myself for Friday evening. One, I sortofalmost “promised” B and S that we’d go out on Friday night. Two, I found out my childhood bestie will be in town on Friday only. Three, AWOLNATION are having a concert and M is going and has invited me to tag along to a pre-party + the concert, and obviously I WANT TO GO. So, it kind of looks like three is happening.

I have so much more I could blabber about, but we’ll talk more later. Ok? Bye now.



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One response to “Oh, hi there.”

  1. winterlust says :

    Your hair looks AMAZING!! I’ve cooked and baked tonight in order to avoid uni work…..and here I am at 10:40pm putting my head down in the books :S

    I hear ya!

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