Unwanted and unplanned lazy Sunday

Journal, notebook, home

I think I was a little bit too eager to get to the gym again after my cold. Feeling better (no sore throat for the first time in four days!) I skipped on over to the gym on Friday morning, and again yesterday. I naïvely thought I was fit for fight, but yesterday evening it hit me like an 18-wheeler. I felt absolutely wrecked, I could have easily passed out in bed by 8pm last night.

I woke up this morning feeling equally worn out, despite having slept a good 9 hours. I’ve reluctantly refrained from going to the gym today. Nothing puts me in a bad mood like being sick and it preventing me from doing the things I want to do. Waiting a cold out is so freaking tedious it drives me nuts!

I’ve tried to keep myself occupied during this unwanted lazy Sunday. I’ve been sketching some website layouts for a client I’m meeting on Tuesday, blogged a bit, and continued my writing, as always. Fingers crossed that this extra rest day will kick whatever is left of this cold out the door for good. Enough is enough.

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