Ermahgerd, Valentine’s Day is coming up


So, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Which is, I know, just another one of those silly and completely unnecessary “holidays” that were invented solely to give us yet another reason to spend money. Nevertheless, it’s inevitably an annually occurring event which will, without a doubt, be rubbed in our faces no matter how hard we try to ignore it.

There’s the commercials reminding us (two months in advance) not to forget our special someone on Valentine’s Day, the bundles of roses stacked in buckets outside the florist, the chocolate hearts and the teddy bears towering over the tables in all the shops… Oh, heaven forbid we ignore the fact that it’s soon Valentine’s Day. Climb up and shout it over the rooftops! 

The only reason I, reluctantly, bring up the subject is because it dawned on me the other day that I have never been acknowledged on Valentine’s Day. I know, I know. Boohoo, poor me. Here’s the thing though, I think that any day and every day is reason enough to express our appreciation for our significant others (and our loved ones in general). I also think that expressing our appreciation for someone through consumption or things is completely unnecessary. Showing love and affection is sure to make me ten times more weak in the knees than any roses, teddy bears, or diamond rings ever will.

HoweverI can’t help but be curious to know what it’s like to be acknowledged on this spectacular day. When I see girls running around all flushed and bothered, their arms hugging bundles of red roses, I can’t exactly say I know what it feels like.

I just think that (for exploratory purposes, of course) it would be nice to be acknowledged on Valentine’s day. You know, so I can knock it off my Bucket list. I wouldn’t mind the added bonus of, for once, not having to be reminded of how un-loved and extremely single I am every freakin’ February 14th.

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