Good times


dat sparkle

Another ridic good weekend! Allow me to sum it up for you:

  • Sunshine and clear blue skies all weekend.
  • Great meeting on Saturday with a client I’m building a website for.
  • Met up with B on Saturday afternoon and ended up having a couple of beers, which resulted in a bit tipsy. And then we went grocery shopping… How is it that I always end up with that odd combination of activities when I meet B? Haha, good times.
  • Started Sunday morning with a long power walk, a killer gym workout, and rounded things off by going for a run like some crazy mad woman on speed.
  • My aforementioned exercise gave me the endorphins to super successfully knock one thing after the other off my to do-list. Ah yes.
  • My brother texted that he’s back from NYC! Getting to see him tomorrow evening.
  • Got an email today about an exciting meeting next week.
  • Oh, and you know those little text messages that make you smile. That.

Right, going to get some studying done and then hopping out to meet J for some much needed catching up. Oh, and guess what? The sun is shining today too!

Ciao amigos,


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