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Holiday decorations and the lack of Christmas spirit

decorations1 decorations2 decorations3 decorations4 gifts

That Christmas spirit I normally experience is still nowhere to be found. I don’t know what it is with me this year but I’m just not feeling it.

Nonetheless, I’ve made an effort to decorate my place. I scattered some ornaments, hung a star in my window, made some glittery winter lanterns, wrapped a couple of presents, and mom even made me an advent calendar (the big Santa standing in my window) with little surprises every day. You’d think that would get me in the mood, but no.

I’m just having a tough time with life in general right now, which is likely what’s to blame for my lack of enthusiasm. We all have tough periods in life, and sometimes feeling or thoughts I’ve been able to keep at bay surface causing me to feel less than stellar. I’m hoping this mood will have passed by the 24th of December, so that I can enjoy time with my sister (who’ll be home from NYC next week!), and the rest of the people I love. Surely a little quality time with the people I hold dear will cheer me up.

DIY Christmas origami star ornament

star1 star2 star3

I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty star to decorate my window this Christmas.

Maybe I’m just overly picky, but of all the ones I’ve seen in the shops, I haven’t found one that I like. So, when I found a tutorial on how to fold this origami star, I made my own out of some wrapping paper I had lying around. It was quite simple to make, and will definitely suffice for this Holiday season.

DIY: Glittering winter lanterns

My apartment is very cold. So in an attempt to warm it up I light an obscene amount of candles whenever I’m home. When my scented candles burn out, I save the glass holder to reuse as a tea light holder. Yesterday I spiced some of them up with – you guessed it – glitter! Here’s how:

Let your scented candle burn down completely. Once it’s cooled off completely, scrape out any remaning wax and then wash in hot water until all remaning wax is completely washed off. Then paint the outside of the glass holder with glass/stone proof glue and dust with glitter. I used a mix of various white glitter and added some silver “diamonds” to some of the lanterns. Check the below pictures to see how they turned out.


The mandatory before picture.

glitter_lantern3 glitter_lantern4 glitter_lantern5 glitter_lantern6

Yellow glitter nails

yellownails1 yellownails2

I’m really into doing sparkly nails right now. It takes forever to do, but it’s pretty worth it. This time I used a yellow polish from OPI called Need Sunglasses? and topped it with the same glitter as last time, and then a coat of clear polish to keep it all in place.

You diggin’ it?

Baby you’re a firework




Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI and craft store glitter

Anyone that knows me will find it very uncharacteristic of me to stay home from Uni no matter how sick I am. But after feeling like I was going to pass out from whatever this cold/flu is that I am suffering from, I made the decision to stay home and rest today. I’m really sad that I was unable to partake in the presentation of the research paper I’ve been writing together with my group mates over the past couple of weeks. It sucks having put so much work into something and then not being there to actually present it and hear the feedback from my class mates and teacher.

So, my day has consisted of nothing more exciting than further basking in the boredom of being sick and resting. To avoid going completely insane from restlessness, I spent a significant amount of time and effort painting my nails. I used Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI followed by a dusting of some regular craft store glitter I had on hand. Nothing like cheering yourself up on a sick day with some fireworks.

DIY Owl Notebook

Remember that owl birthday card I got from Jenny? It was so cute I wanted to use it somehow, and when I picked up a new five subject notebook for Uni the other day, I knew that card would come in handy. With the rain pouring down outside yet again today, I devoted some time to my little DIY idea.

DIY Notebook craft

Here’s what I used: a notebook, a pretty card, self adhesive plastic wrap, glue, and craft paper.

DIY Notebook craft

I started by carefully cutting out all the owls and small golden leaves from the card.

DIY Notebook craft

Then I chose some pretty craft paper and assembled it with the owls and golden leaves on the cover before gluing everything in place.

DIY Notebook craft

Once everything was glued on to the cover, I cut an appropriate sized sheet of self adhesive plastic wrap and carefully fastened it to the cover. I usually use a ruler to avoid any air bubbles getting in under the plastic wrap.

DIY Notebook craft

Finally, I added a tag to the first page of the notebook so I can mark it with my name and number.

DIY Notebook craft

And done! This cover sure beats that original blue cover.

DIY: Petrol and pink beaded bracelet

Here’s yet another DIY bracelet that I made the other day. I combined a couple of different shades of pink with a sparkly petrol thread. I tied the petrol thread over the pink threads, adding small silver beads as I went along. I made it long enough to loop twice around my wrist. I also left the threads rather long at the ends so they hang from the bracelet, just to add an extra bit of pink.