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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 Full Video

How about some Friday night entertainment? Bring on the glitz, the glamour… and the anxiety.


A date with Magic Mike

Okay, okay, calm down. So technically I didn’t have a date with Magic Mike, but I did go and see the movie with Lydia yesterday. I was having a regular old lazy Sunday when she texted me suggesting we go to the movies, and who am I to say no to two hours of this!?

Magic Mike

As you can imagine, Magic Mike isn’t exactly a movie that’s going to haul in the Oscars, but it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a friend. It definitely provoked a lot of laughter, and some cringing. Despite it being nothing but mouthwatering eye candy throughout, I still felt like stretching this movie to two hours was a little too much. Looking at hot bodies for that long is pretty exhausting.

On a side note, I couldn’t stop thinking about going to the gym and doing a killer workout the entire time I was watching the movie.

Before the movie, Lydia gave me this as an early birthday present.

Gift from Lydia

How sweet is she!? It’s so spot on too, this girl knows me so well already!

Right, I’m off to the gym!

Michelle Williams channels the menswear trend

Michelle Williams in a Louis Vuitton suit

How cute is this look on Michelle Williams? Channeling the menswear trend at the Independent Spirit Awards, Williams wore a Louis Vuitton navy blue and black suit. What better accessory than a clutch in the style of a book (Olympia Le Tan). And the pixie cut is her best hair style. Thumbs up for Michelle!


Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce Jay-Z Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce Jay-Z Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé and Jay-Z just recently released the first photos of their baby Blue Ivy Carter. They’re making sure to keep up with the times and have already created a blog/tumblr for the baby at where these first photos of their daughter were posted.

Who do you think she looks most like, mommy or daddy?

Front row shocker: Abigail Breslin is all grown up!

Abigail Breslin

Remember Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine? Doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, right?

Maybe it’s because I saw a bit of Little Miss Sunshine on TV while zapping a couple of weeks ago, but I still see Breslin as that little girl with oversized glasses and a personality bursting with enthusiasm. So when I came across this photo of her at the Rebecca Minkoff show during NYFW I couldn’t believe it was her.

A quick google search told me she’s almost 16 years old now (her birthday is April 14th, thankyouwikipedia). Would you have recognized her?


Pretty Cover

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on the cover of Vogue Dec. 2011

Photo: fashionista

Crazy stupid yummy

Crazy stupid love trailer

I have to see this movie. 99 percent because of Ryan Gosling. Because I love him. And my secret goal in life is to marry him. There, I said it.