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Off on an adventure


I happily planted myself at Sweden’s very first Starbucks to have a latte before my flight. It may sound nuts, but I’ve been looking forward to this part of my trip.

Starbucks is located past the security gates at the airport, so the only time to go is when travelling by air (and through the right terminal). There’s a nice view out the window, of airplanes taking off and landing, and it’s a comfortable lounge-y café.

The prices are of course atrocious (I bought a medium latte and a fruit salad for 92 SEK). But part of being on vacation is about treating yourself and splurging a bit, right? And airports are always expensive.

I bought a new book too. For once I steered away from the crime novels and got a famous fiction instead: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I hope I’ll like it. I want to see the movie too.

Anyone read it or seen the movie?

What book should I read next?


I’m already almost half way through Ravens. So I’m there again, half freaking out that I don’t have another book on standby to plunge right into once I’ve devoured the last page of Ravens.

As mentioned, I like books to be exciting, we’re talking can’t-put-it-down material. Crime novels are usually a winner.

Please give me your best book suggestions.

I got flowers


My boss just handed out flowers to the teachers at the school and I got a bouquet too! Sweet, this will add some nice girlyness to my apartment (if they survive, I’m working all day and won’t be home until late tonight).

Oh, and the cakes at the graduation this morning? There were about 80! We’ll see how many there are at the third graduation this afternoon!


What’s my name ya’ll?


Howdy blog readers!

It has been a hectic, stressful, bananas day (and week)! Working my 9-5 and my freelance stuff, and today I got another job. So that makes three jobs, plus volunteering on the weekends.

I kind of like the tempo actually, until I realize my only free time is spent doing laundry. Nah, it’s not that bad. Like now I’m winding down (my brain is fried and I’ve forgot my name) after this day with an iced coffee at Garden. I can’t tell you how calm and soothing it is here, it’s like stepping into a spa, perfect.

What are your weekend plans? 

Naked juice bar


Nomnomnom. It’s roasting out today, so I’ve taken cover in the mall with a refreshing smoothie. Baking at the hospital went well today but I had to deal with a real dickwad, one of the staff working there. I’ll tell you about it later… argh, was about to punch him in the face on several occasions!



I took a break from working and went to have some lunch at Garden. It’s so nice and calm here. Now I’m just finishing up my latte and then it’s back to work.

It’s a wonderful summer’s day here today, I’ve got shorts on for only the second time this year!

Yesterday I met Sigrid for coffee and while hanging out with her I bumped into three people I know. Anna, then Daniel and then David. I was surprised to bump into so many people I know, I feel like I never bump info people. Haha.

Was going to Skype with S last night but he had to run to football so we’ll hopefully get to talk tonight instead. I’m going to try to talk him into coming for a visit soon. Fingers crossed he can home, I miss him.

The weekend is pretty much fully booked as always: baking, cleaning, laundry, freelance work, probably meeting Sigrid again, and maybe doing a picnic with Malin on Monday.

What are your weekend plans?

That’s how much I love apple/s


I decorated my journal with a gorgeous Apple-logo the other day. That’s how much I love Macs/apple (and the fruit too).

I’ve planted myself at my usual coffee place that I almost always go to after baking on Saturdays.

I’m in the middle of my regular contemplating. Yesterday I had a good meeting with my new employer! In other words I’ve got a second job that is pretty much freelance-based so I’ll be working on it on my days off/evenings. (I’m keeping it a secret for now)

Got to get on with the rest of my plans now. I’ll write more about what’s going on later.

What are you doing today?