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Brace yourselves, this is a bunch of random

Oh hi.
Haven’t blogged in a while. So this is a compilation of a bunch of good things. Like music, movies, quotes, and photos.

Here’s a sick cover:

Wildfire // JENI // SBTRKT ft. Drake & Little Dragon


Expectation is the root of all heartache. – Shakespeare


Good movie lately: The Silver Linings Playbook


Spring is (sort of) here. Logically, that means summer is just around the corner. Which makes being spontaneous and a little crazy so much easier. Like skinny dipping at 11.23pm.


– You wanna hear a joke?
– Sure.
– The way you treat me.

Good music lately:
James Blake {Retrograde}
Sbtrkt {Right thing to do ft. Jessie Ware}
Majestee of Sweden {Govenor}
Gnucci {Oh My Goodness!}
Hurts {Blind – live from Spotify Stockholm is the best version}
Rudimental {Powerless ft. Becky Hill}
Passenger {Let her go}
Maria Mena {Fuck you}
Mikky Ekko {Who are you, really?}


Also, I need a nickname. Hit me with your suggestions.


Today’s music tip: James Arthur – Impossible

Rihanna – Stay

Rihanna – Stay (live on SNL)

Pretty song. Frustrating that it isn’t on Spotify yet though. Spotify, get on it.

Mashup of top 50 pop songs 2012

Happy 12-12-12!

Here’s a mashup of the top 50 pop songs of 2012, do you remember them all?
What is your favorite song of 2012? – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears wearing The Blonds dress


From the new ‘Scream & Shout’ video



The Blonds F/W 2012

My friend Malin (aka my music guru) just mentioned one of the latest (and kind of unexpected) music collaborations – featuring Britney Spears. I checked out the video and, you know me, the second I saw studs and glitter I was more focused on the outfits in the video than the actual song.

Throughout the video Britney is doing a stiff twirl in various black numbers, but one outfit stands out. The above dress is from The Blonds F/W 2012 collection and anyone that knows me will know I wouldn’t hesitate a second if I got a chance to wear it. Crazy, over the top, spikes, and glitter is kind of my thing. Why go for the classic and safe LBD when you can wear this(Minus the helmet of course)

The Blonds dress worn by Britney Spears as seen in their F/W 2012 runway show (at about 01:34 in the above video) – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears

This sums it up pretty good right now…

Anna Bergendahl – Wrong

I’ll take the blame
So you can move on
It’ll buy me some time
To learn to be wrong
I’ll take the hope
And I’ll be around, and in time
I’ll break this wall down

I’m asking for patience
Come on and stand by me
I’m loosing my sanity
But you don’t listen to me anymore

I’ll chase the demons
And baby you can run
Run for the dawn
And I’ll greet the dusk
I’ll face the ghosts
And baby you can run
And maybe in time
I’ll break this wall down

New music: Imagine Dragons

Here’s some new music I’ve been listening to (and loving) lately which I wanted to share with you – Imagine Dragons. I especially like Radioactive, It’s time, and Demons.

Imagine Dragons – It’s time

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
Might sound boring at first, but it really starts at 0:28.

Imagine Dragons – Demons