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Friday beers, wild nights, and Sunday brunch


Friday after a long and demanding day at Uni my group mates and I all headed over to J’s place to sit in the sun with a cool drink. J and her boyfriend even made irish coffees for everyone. Good times.


So, Saturday was fun. I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep after a wild and spontaneous night. Got home at 8am this morning, put my game face on and met mom for breakfast. After some much needed food and catching up, mom (as she commonly does) suggested we go and buy me flowers. Love her.

What have you done this weekend?




This week







Things are busy right now so I’ll just do a quick sum-it-up again, events of the week (in no particular order):

Went to Ikea to pick up some essentials (pots, pans, bed sheets, glassware, cooking utensils etc). Spent hours cleaning, throwing out stuff, and packing boxes (I’m moving in a week). Went to the gym (my drug). Spent hours in school and at home working on php assignements. Went for a long power walk and ran 10x stair intervals.

Went to a lecture and then ended up leaving last of everyone because I stayed to ask my teacher questions about php. Had sushi for dinner with my brother and talked more about php/coding/javascript (he actually wanted me to help him with coding. Onceinalifetime.). Had my favorite carrot cake from the local bakery on Saturday afternoon.

Went to the mall with J and helped her find gifts for her niece, we planned to do a fun shopping trip next week to get more stuff for my new place (can’t wait until I’ve moved and can have her over for wine/coffee/dinner/girl stuff). I finally got my J Brand jeans (that I bought in the US about 5 years ago) shortened  to fit me. Had coffee and cake at a café and talked up a storm with J.

Went for a 13.5km run, can I just say: mucho refreshing (minus the blisters under my feet), got home and mixed up something cold to drink and planted myself on the balcony in the sun. We grilled burgers on the balcony (no, well, on the grill on the balcony) for the first time this year.

Oh, and I won two sessions with a personal trainer at a really fancy gym in the city. We’ve booked my first session for tomorrow afternoon. I’m stoked!

Zombie boy before his tattoos

Most of you have probably heard of Zombie Boy (real name Rico Genest). I posted about him about a year ago, and I remember googling at the time in an attempt to find photos of what he looked like prior to getting inked, but I never did have much luck with finding any “before” photos.

Today I finally got my curiosity satisfied, I came across this video and it’s pretty amazing. Dermablend completely covered Genest tattoo with makeup and revealed what he looked like before getting his skeletal mask. Check it out!

Elle Style Awards 2012 – Gorgeous ladies!

Elle Style Awards

Let’s step away from NYFW for a moment to look at these four gorgeous ladies on the red carpet at the Elle Style Awards in London. It’s so refreshing to see some bold colors and dared outfits instead of the always dark, black, and gloomy looks you so often see on the red carpet of fashion events or award shows in Sweden.

Anyone recognize the dress on Poppy Delevigne (farthest to the right)? It’s Mary Katrantzou, who I mentioned the other day.


Don’t sweat your New Years Resolutions

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten

As funny as this video is, it’s also completely true and worth reminding yourself of when you wanna die ’cause you don’t look like Adriana Lima.