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Photos I love

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Some random photos from the past year. You’ve probably seen most of them, but they’re worth showing again because they portray some of the people and things I love the most.

Have a beautiful Sunday!



Exam done, now let’s have dinner!

Eye makeup for big eyes

Tried a new eye makeup look, makes them eyes pop!

Freakin’ beautiful Wednesday to ya’ll!

Feels like Friday to me. I knocked off an exam this morning, it felt fabulous to walk out of the exam room at noon! Now I’ve pretty much got the rest of the week off before my next course starts. Not complaining.

I’ve got all of my favorite things planned for the next couple of days, including lunch and catching up with my favorite J on Sunday.

Right, I’m off to go meet mah girls for dinner to celebrate that we (fingers crossed) nailed our exam!

P.S Music tip alert. I came across a new artist the other day. The good lookin’ Aussie, Matt Corby. Brother and Made of Stone are pretty lovely. Go listen.

Got the hair did

Pink hair!

I colored my hair pink the other day. You like it?

Okay, so maybe I just played around in Photoshop to see what it would look like. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing dip dye and I’ve seen some cool photos of pink hair. I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to color my hair pink permanently though, but it’d be fun to do a temporary color for a party or something.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done with your hair?

Studded ear cuff

Studded earring


I had back-to-back meetings with clients yesterday about websites I’m designing, building, and/or managing. The meetings went well and my designs and ideas were well received. Always nice when that happens.

On a separate note, here’s a new earring (or ear cuff) which I couldn’t resist getting when I saw it the other day. It’s just so in line with my style. I like that it’s got such attitude. It’s going to take me a while before I get used to wearing it though because it pinches my ear pretty hard, haha! Oh, the things we do to look cool.

Ermahgerd, Valentine’s Day is coming up


So, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Which is, I know, just another one of those silly and completely unnecessary “holidays” that were invented solely to give us yet another reason to spend money. Nevertheless, it’s inevitably an annually occurring event which will, without a doubt, be rubbed in our faces no matter how hard we try to ignore it.

There’s the commercials reminding us (two months in advance) not to forget our special someone on Valentine’s Day, the bundles of roses stacked in buckets outside the florist, the chocolate hearts and the teddy bears towering over the tables in all the shops… Oh, heaven forbid we ignore the fact that it’s soon Valentine’s Day. Climb up and shout it over the rooftops! 

The only reason I, reluctantly, bring up the subject is because it dawned on me the other day that I have never been acknowledged on Valentine’s Day. I know, I know. Boohoo, poor me. Here’s the thing though, I think that any day and every day is reason enough to express our appreciation for our significant others (and our loved ones in general). I also think that expressing our appreciation for someone through consumption or things is completely unnecessary. Showing love and affection is sure to make me ten times more weak in the knees than any roses, teddy bears, or diamond rings ever will.

HoweverI can’t help but be curious to know what it’s like to be acknowledged on this spectacular day. When I see girls running around all flushed and bothered, their arms hugging bundles of red roses, I can’t exactly say I know what it feels like.

I just think that (for exploratory purposes, of course) it would be nice to be acknowledged on Valentine’s day. You know, so I can knock it off my Bucket list. I wouldn’t mind the added bonus of, for once, not having to be reminded of how un-loved and extremely single I am every freakin’ February 14th.

Unwanted and unplanned lazy Sunday

Journal, notebook, home

I think I was a little bit too eager to get to the gym again after my cold. Feeling better (no sore throat for the first time in four days!) I skipped on over to the gym on Friday morning, and again yesterday. I naïvely thought I was fit for fight, but yesterday evening it hit me like an 18-wheeler. I felt absolutely wrecked, I could have easily passed out in bed by 8pm last night.

I woke up this morning feeling equally worn out, despite having slept a good 9 hours. I’ve reluctantly refrained from going to the gym today. Nothing puts me in a bad mood like being sick and it preventing me from doing the things I want to do. Waiting a cold out is so freaking tedious it drives me nuts!

I’ve tried to keep myself occupied during this unwanted lazy Sunday. I’ve been sketching some website layouts for a client I’m meeting on Tuesday, blogged a bit, and continued my writing, as always. Fingers crossed that this extra rest day will kick whatever is left of this cold out the door for good. Enough is enough.

On writing


For as long as I’ve been able to form sentences in writing, it’s been a hobby of mine. I’ve kept journals in both paper and digital form since I was a kid. I worked as a writer at several magazines before starting my education at University, and some of the assignments I enjoy the most at University are the ones that require me to do a lot of writing.

A couple of months ago, I came across the website Basically, the idea of 750words is to write 750 words worth of anything that comes to mind as a means to clear your mind and allow your creativity to flow throughout the rest of the day.

One of my favorite things about the site is that it gives you stats on your writing, for example how long it took you to get to 750 words (and thus how quick of a typist you are), how many words you’ve written in total throughout your time on the site, your quickest written entry, and how many words your longest entry had. It’s pretty interesting looking over the statistics.

It will of course come as no surprise to you that I joined and started writing the same day I found 750words. It’s become my routine to write every day. I’m now on a 66 day streak. In 66 days I have written a total of 69,316 words (my longest entry has 2,299 words). My quickest entry (time it took me to get to 750 words) was written in 9 minutes. I average 80 words per minute.

My mom is constantly encouraging me to put my writing into a book, but you know how moms are… I will however admit that the thought of one day maybe writing a book has long been in the back of my mind, but I haven’t had an idea for a book. At least, that was the case up until a couple of months ago when a couple of personal insights suddenly gave me an idea for a book. I’ve since been toying with the idea, brainstorming in my mind on my train rides to school.

Today I finally mustered up the courage to start penning my ideas, thoughts, and words for said book. To my surprise, the words came flooding out. Before I knew it I’d reached 3,000 words.

So far, it’s just an unstructured bunch of words. I have no idea what will become of it, or if it will ever be finished. For now I’m just enjoying the writing, but out of curiosity I googled how many pages in Word an average novel is, just so I know when I’m getting close. Apparently I’ve already wracked up a novel with the writing I’ve done on But, that’s a novel I’ll never let anyone read.