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Rustic table, rustic dinnerware

Rustic dinnerware

Speaking of rustic tables

One of my absolute favorite stores is Athropologie. They don’t have retailers in Sweden, which means I spend hours in the store when I’m in the US. They’ve got the most beautiful things!

Among other gorgeous stuff (like bags and notebooks), they’ve got amazing home decor – including lots of owl themed things! Above is some sort of dreamy compilation of what I’d one day like to place on my rustic wooden table. Links to all the items below:

Wine glasses, mint plates, multicolored cups/mugs, turquoise & grey painted bowl, pale turquoise mug, pale turquoise bowl, coral cup & saucer, salt dish with spoon, patterned cookie jar, candle, Voluspa candle.

Merry Christmas!

xmas2Little sister striking a pose

xmas3Cheese, crackers, and gingerbread cookies before dinner

xmas4Christmas tree decorations

xmas7Sis got this cute Santa from mom

xmas11Face timing with my 90 year old grandfather in the US

xmas20The dessert spread

Merry Christmas everyone!

While a lot of you are probably celebrating Christmas today, we already celebrated yesterday. The tree was beautiful, the food was good, the company great, and I got so many nice gifts from everyone. After dinner we Face timed with my 90 year old grandfather in the US, how cool is that!? And before dessert we Face timed with my sister’s boyfriend who’s in NYC. Thank you for your magnificent technology Apple.

There’s more photos to show, but I’ll save them for another time. I’ve got to get busy with my studying now, I have so much work to do… phew. I know I’m not alone though, my brother’s girlfriend also has exams and studying up-to-here. So send a little study motivation and strength our way please.

A birthday celebration




Yesterday, after a busy morning, I headed out to my mom’s place with my brother and sister to prepare dinner and dessert for the little birthday dinner celebration we were doing for my mom. For dessert, mom got to choose what she wanted us to make, she opted for this recipe for black bottom coconut bars. Unfortunately, it proved to be a real disappointment. Not chocolate-y enough for us chocolate lovers, and a bit bland and flavorless if you ask me. Fortunately, despite the little dessert mishap, it was a nice evening.

I got home earlier than I thought so I spontaneously decided to run over to a friend’s place for her moving in party. I had a nice time catching up with old friends I hadn’t seen since high school! Before crawling into bed, I found out Sweden had won the Eurovision song contest, good job Loreen! Facebook and Twitter were literally exploding with people’s excitement.

It’s cold, but there’s an upside


You’d think it was mid November the way the weather has been here in Sweden the past couple of weeks. I’ve been studying the weather forecast in intricate detail and if I’m to believe what it says, I won’t be seeing sunshine and slightly warmer degrees until next Friday. No point in complaining I guess, it’s not like that’s going to make the sun magically appear.

On the up side, it’s been a busy but productive week. I’ve had group work, a presentation, lectures, and done lots and lots of studying. My sister was over for tea to see the new pad on Monday and tomorrow my friend who just moved into the same area as me (the same weekend as me in fact) is coming over for dinner and then we’re skipping over to her place to have a glass of wine. Saturday or Sunday my brother is coming to visit and on Sunday evening mom’s coming over to see the place too.

And here’s something else that’s awesome: I’ve got training with my personal trainer again tomorrow afternoon! Finally a workout! I’m going to continue seeing this personal trainer a couple of more times. He was nice enough to offer me a special price for five sessions and I was quick to jump on it. My long break from the gym is going to mean tomorrow’s workout is going to kill, but it’s also going to feel SO good.

The long week




I’ve had a cold inhabiting my body for two weeks now. I’m frustrated it won’t go away. I’m craving the gym, I miss sleeping a whole night without waking up in the middle of the night with a massive coughing attack, and I prefer speaking without an irritated and raspy sore throat.

This week has been long. Very long. An exam followed by two days of group work, two papers and today my group and I had our project pitch presentation.

This afternoon I pulled out my Christmas ornaments and splayed them across my shelves, my gold owl got the top spot in the window by my advent lights. This weekend I need to figure out what I’m going to bake for Christmas, I’ve been put in charge of the sweet stuff for the holidays. I also need to find those last Christmas gifts… and a million other things.

Globen Lucia concert 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

Lucia Globen 2011

The lit up trees outside the arena.

Happy Lucia everyone! Eleven days left until Christmas now. And I’ve got my exam today… (so this is a scheduled post)

On Sunday evening my mom, sister and I went to the big Lucia concert in Globen. I’d never been before but I really liked it, it was a perfect break from my studying for my exam. The show started with a little theatrical number about winter’s king and Santa’s little helpers. When all the candles were lit it was pretty magical. It’s really something seeing all those candles light up the arena, and there must have been over a thousand people in the Lucia train.

I really appreciate that Sweden is more about candles, lights, warmth and cozyness on Christmas than full-blown commercialism like it is in the US (even though it has become more of the latter as of late here in Sweden too). It’s the candles and lights that make it so magical.

Do you celebrate Lucia? How do you celebrate?

Happy first advent!

Photo: gravster22.tumblr.com

Happy first advent!

It’s absolutely pouring buckets outside, a very gray first advent. Four days until we’re in December and that many days closer to my upcoming exam. So, I’m “celebrating” this first advent by… studying.

How are you celebrating the first of advent?


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