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I am speed muthafucka!

What’s that? It’s FRIDAY!


Friday heels

Here’s what I wore to work on Friday. Please excuse my bleak expression in the photo above, I wasn’t at all as grumpy as I look (quite the contrary actually). These red, grey, and brown heels are hot, but they’re not very kind on my feet… Oh, the things we do for fashion.

12h of overtime (and counting)

The reason for my lack of updates this week is (surprise, surprise) that I have been working like some crazy person. It’s all good though, I’m surviving! I’m looking forward to having a nice and relaxing evening and a weekend without a call from my boss (fingers crossed).

Now I’ve gotta run and throw my white Converse in the washing machine with a scoop of bleach in an attempt to get them looking fresh. I’m a little nervous they’re going to dissolve if I wash them. I’ve got my experiment goggles on, here we go! Worst case scenario? I have an excuse to buy a new pair of Converse when I go to the US!

Have you ever washed a pair of sneakers (or specifically Converse) in the washing machine? Was the outcome a success?

I thought, let’s enjoy this Friday morning

I got up early this morning (as always), my alarm went off at 06.40am, and took a sunny morning walk to Bageriet Urban Deli to have breakfast. Lucky I was up so early, it’s noon now and pouring rain!

The breakfast plate at Urban Deli is absolutely fantastic; thick greek yogurt with honey and a mix of granola, crumbled apple pie (!), seeds, dried fruits and nuts. On the side you get their wonderful home-baked sourdough bread, cheese, ham, veggies and butter. And of course, a cup of coffee with a splash of milk.

I relaxed, had my breakfast while reading the Urban Deli-magazine and finished my coffee while scribbling in my journal. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to this day!

Nap time

Time for a power-nap?

Hello darlings,

I ended up at the office today even though it’s supposed to be my day off. I made the mistake of checking my work email from home this morning and saw a message about something I had to go into the office to do, so I stopped by the office on my way home from the gym this morning. I only worked for about two hours though, so it wasn’t that bad.

I just made an awesome lunch and now I’m about to fall asleep. I’m considering a power nap but usually that backfires on me and I wake up more tired than before I fell asleep. I need to be out of here in half an hour anyway to go and meet my surfcamp friend Anna! Luckily, we’re drinking coffee.

What are you doing this Friday?

Friday on my way out the door

This is what I looked like on Friday, on my way out the door to go to work.