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Vacation Snapshots Part 1

Here’s a little pick n’ mix of pictures from my vacation.

I started my trip at Arlanda airport in Sweden. I bought a book for my trip, that I finished during my flight back home. I had to experience Starbucks on Swedish turf for the first time ever too (the only Starbucks in Sweden is at the airport, past security check-in). The verdict? It tasted just like any other latte made by a Swedish barista. Only it was more expensive.

I had a really fun time in Boston. One day, I helped my aunt at the Farmer’s market. She makes jewelry as a hobby that she sells at the farmers market. I ran around and bought breakfast and fresh fruit, berries and veggies for our upcoming road trip.

My aunt’s pretty jewelry.

We took a road trip to New Hampshire and stayed at my aunt’s friend’s cottage. It was really pretty and really big.

The views as we were driving around in New Hampshire were stunning.

Another day, we went to Diana’s Baths in New Hampshire. It was absolutely stunning and a lovely way to cool down on a super hot day (it was 100F or above, about 47C, every day).

We spent a lot of time cruising around with the top down on my aunts bug. Loved it.

I enjoyed several Kombucha, my favorite!

I chugged lots of Starbucks coffee, not because it’s necessarily the best, but it’s one of the only places to get a bit stronger coffee in the US. This is at Boston Logan international airport (with my journal and gossip magazines before my flight to my grandfather).


The Road Trip

Yesterday my mom, sister and I spent the whole day together. We had what my mom called a “road trip” planned. We didn’t go that far, even though we drove a lot. It was a fun day and I had my DSLR along with me so I took the opportunity to play around with taking photos. Here’s what I saw, and did.

We started out by driving out to Stavnäs to find a place to eat lunch.

We stopped at Bageriet and eyed the menu and the nice sandwiches in the display.

We decided this was a good place to eat. It was cosy and there were books all along the walls.

We sat by the window to eat.

After lunch comes… coffee and lunch-dessert. I had a minibiskvi that was filled with dark chocolate

My sister opted for a classic chocolate ball.

Then we took a little walk and saw what we saw, before hopping in the car and continuing our ride.

We stopped along the road to buy fresh raspberries and strawberries

And then continued down the road

We saw a sign for a garage sale, so we had to stop and do some thrifting. I found a great cinnamon shaker.

We made a quick stop at the gas station and my sister and I decided we needed something to nibble on in the car. Peanut M&M’s are the perfect car-nibbling-snack.

I love horses, always have and always will. I made mom stop the car so I could take a picture of two of the many horses we passed along the way.

I also couldn’t help photographing pretty flowers all along the way.

Then we drove to Gustavsberg and peeked into some cute shops. The road blocks were painted in happy colors.

At the iittala outlet I looked at pretty plates, bowls and mugs.

And then it was time for some more coffee but this time we had it to go. I liked the photos on the wall at the café.

After a stop for some groceries, we steered the car home and fired up the grill. I made a pretty salad to go with dinner.

After dinner we had strawberries and mom’s homemade brownies (they’re the best)

Today I’m meeting my two friends B and S and we’re heading out to Fjäderholmarna for another whole-day activity. And the sun is finally out!