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Naked juice bar


Nomnomnom. It’s roasting out today, so I’ve taken cover in the mall with a refreshing smoothie. Baking at the hospital went well today but I had to deal with a real dickwad, one of the staff working there. I’ll tell you about it later… argh, was about to punch him in the face on several occasions!

Mango Mania

I have found a new favorite smoothie at the Naked Juice Bar. I always thought Strawberry Dreams was good, but yesterday I tried Mango Mania… and Oh. My. God. So good! If you’re ever near one of their smoothie bars, you have to try Mango Mania!

Pitabread and home café

I feel like this is becoming a health and fitness blog. Haha! Just wanted to show you the lovely pita bread I baked yesterday. It was my first time making it, and I definitely need to work on my technique because they’re not really fill-able. Nonetheless they turned out really good. I used this recipe.

I also made “my own café” at home today. I’m getting better at making my own latte. I’m getting the hang of my latte pronto. Maybe I should open a café?

Fluffy pita bread

Serving suggestion: spicy vegetable soup with pita and cheese sandwhiches.

Café at home. Latte, smoothie, book and journal.

Smoothie time

Malin and I have done an obscene amount of shopping. I got coffee beans and new heels, among other things. Now we’re chilling with a smoothie at – Barista, of course. 

Iced cofffee and smoothie


I’m positively addicted.

A hot sunday spent inside

It’s been an extremely hot day today. I overheard someone saying it was 35C this afternoon (that’s about 95F)! I just checked the weather on my cell phone and it’s still up high around 30C (86F) even this late in the evening. It’s sticky and warm, but I’m not complaining. I’m surprised there haven’t been some major thunder storms though, but I guess they’ll strike without warning any day now!

Despite the heat, I spent the day doing some boring things like laundry, cleaning and then I spent the afternoon at the mall (at least it’s cooler in there than outside!) I exchanged the denim shorts for a tank top at H&M and found a pretty lace bra at a store called Change. The girls that worked there are very friendly and helpful! (Malin, this is where we should always go to get our lingerie!) After running around for a bit in the mall I sat down at my favorite café again (surprised?) and did some reading and writing while downing a cold smoothie and an iced coffee.

Apparently the heat has been causing some problems today – there was an announcement at the train station stating that part of the route was closed off until further notice because one of the trains had derailed. Apparently when it gets hot like this, the rails expand and that led to one of the trains jumping off the tracks. This happened shortly after noon today and last I checked they still haven’t managed to get the train back onto the tracks and out of the way. They figure it’s going to take until tomorrow to get things straightened out. Luckily nobody got seriously injured.

Some photos from the day…

My new top from H&M, baggy and breezy. Nice!

Button details

My new bra, I wanted something pretty to wear under sheer tops this summer

It’s got really pretty details

And finally, iced coffee and a chilled smoothie at Barista

Give me Coco Sunshine!

I was about to say it’s pooey weather here again today but that would be a lie! For once it’s actually nice weather! Still ridic chilly but hay, at least the sun is out! Just in time for the better weather I seem to be coming down with a cold though. Figures, ey? I woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning and had a headache all day, today is the same.

A smoothie or juice from The Naked Juice Bar is definitely in order, hopefully the lovely ingredients will give me a boost and kick this cold out of my body! Now the problem is choosing which one to get, they all sound so good! I love The Naked Juice Bar! If you haven’t been, go check it out!