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Dark shadows

Ok. Definitely need to see this.


Sunday inspiration: Halloween edition

You’re lookin’ scary skinny

My boss was talking about a cool photo shoot in Harper’s Bazaar (US) October 2009 today, something about a skeleton. I had to google the shoot to see what she was talking about, it sounded so cool. And it is! The current issue of Harper’s Bazaar includes a wacky photo shoot portraying characters from some of Tim Burton’s most famous movies. It’s quirky, weird and imaginitive. I love it! The spread is photographed by Tim Walker.

Photos: thefashiontime.com


I can’t wait to see Alice in Wonderland! Tim Burton is a genius and Johnny Depp is not only a brilliant actor but (as we all know) serious eye candy too, so there’s just no reason not to see this movie. Check out the trailer!

Are you going to go see Alice in Wonderland?